Eat All You Want, Never Feel Hungry and Lose 30, 40, 100 Pounds?!

U.C. Berkeley professor emeritus stumbles on strange effect that could trash the diet industry

He is not some fast-talking diet guru, but a soft-spoken serious scientist. Dr. Seth Roberts is professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, and professor at China's great Tsinghua University in Beijing. And Bottom Line sent a camera crew all the way to his office in Beijing, China—because he accidentally stumbled onto an astonishingly simple discovery that could destroy the entire, multibillion-dollar diet industry.

Rocket science it's not, and we're going to share the delightful details with you. As you'll see, all you'll need is…

Three tablespoons a day of a compound that's already
hiding in your kitchen cupboard…

And that's it. From that day forward, you can pretty much eat all you want.
You just won't get hungry!

✓ You'll steadily lose up to 2 pounds a week, just as easily as you used to
gain it…

✓ Get on the scale a few months later, and WOW! You're suddenly 30 pounds slimmer!

✓ Keep it up and you could lose 50, 60, 100 pounds or more…

But how? Dr. Roberts' secret works by resetting your metabolic "set point" — the weight your body returns to, whatever you do. Scientists have known for years about this frustrating phenomenon. But they never unlocked the secret of "moving the needle" until now.

This Shangri-la Diet (named after the mythical utopia) is a simple, effective way to adjust your natural appetite-regulation system.

Two 100-calorie doses of flavorless foods reduce your appetite so much that the next day you automatically consume 500 fewer calories than usual—without feeling hungry. Flavorless foods that work best:

• Flavorless oil. Choose extra-light olive oil or refined walnut oil. One dose equals one tablespoon.

• Sugar water. Strangely, your body doesn't count sweetness as a flavor. One dose equals two tablespoons of sugar mixed with one cup of water.

• Daily doses. To lose less than 20 pounds, consume one dose each of oil and sugar water daily. To lose more, double each dose. Appetite suppression usually begins within a day or so.

See for yourself! Let Dr. Roberts explain what to do, step by step. It couldn't be easier.

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