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Extremely FAST fix for high blood pressure...

Blood Pressure "Switch" Found on Human Body...

In minutes, a single touch lowers blood pressure back to healthy levels. Top number drops 14 points, bottom number drops 8 points. NO drug on Earth can match this instant miracle. Who knew it was this simple?

Chicago, IL: A recent study conducted by the Hypertension Center at the University of Chicago identified a small spot (the "Atlas area") on the body that appears to control blood pressure.

It's almost like a switch that allows doctors to dial down your blood pressure in minutes—without prescription drugs. Just one procedure and you're done! See details on page 11 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING.

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Extremely EFFECTIVE for type 2 diabetes...

A monster of a new healing discovery...

Beat Diabetes with Gila Monster Spit!

What in the world does a poisonous lizard have to do with diabetes? More than you might think. The saliva of this desert reptile is overflowing with a hormone that boosts your natural insulin production and blocks high blood sugar.

From The Diabetes Center at Massachusetts General Hospital: Researchers have now isolated this lizard-saliva hormone and developed a new medication that's proving amazingly effective for type 2 diabetes.

Helps boost natural insulin production
and lower blood sugar...

It's a double blessing for diabetes sufferers. The new medication stimulates the pancreas to secrete more insulin and also slows stomach contractions so your meals don't send your blood sugar soaring.

For complete details, see page 35 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING.

In the same section, you'll also find dozens more anti-diabetes breakthroughs that you—and even your doctor—never knew existed...

  • Why diabetics must never take glucosamine for painful joints and arthritis. This popular supplement is a disaster for diabetics. What you'll never read on the label. Page 37

  • "My doctor prescribed tea for my diabetes!" Not just any tea—a delicious variety that's medically proven to lower blood sugar and gently help the pancreas work more efficiently. Page 37

  • Reverse nerve damage naturally? This potent antioxidant fights nerve damage and boosts insulin sensitivity in clinical testing! Page 36

  • Coffee blocks diabetes—according to Harvard study. In a study of nearly 200,000 coffee drinkers, researchers found that the more coffee you drink, the lower your risk for diabetes. But how much is enough... and decaf or regular? See page 37.

  • Report: Common pollutants boost diabetes risk 38 times? Could common pollutants you encounter every day help trigger diabetes? In a recent study, scientists isolated the top 6 common pollutants and discovered that people who had the highest levels of these toxins were up to 38 times more likely to develop diabetes. Are these pollutants in your home? How can you best avoid them? See page 43.

Extremely EASY blood sugar controller...

The Apple Pie Antidote for Diabetes?

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Patients stuffed themselves with apple pie—yet their blood sugar didn't budge. The scientists wondered, "What's going on?"

Michael Hirt, MD, recently revealed how researchers were stumped by a recent experiment. They were measuring how different foods trigger a rise in blood sugar. And when they got to the apple pie, they expected a BIG boost, but it never happened. The pie was bursting with sugar, flour, butter, lard, and even the apples themselves were high in sugar. So you'd imagine a huge slab of pie would be a blood sugar bombshell. Finally, they isolated the surprise ingredient that neutralized the negative effects of all the other items. It is an extremely effective secret for controlling blood sugar... and it's SO easy! See page 37 for complete details.

Dear Reader Looking for REAL Relief,

"I want a healing bible for people who are sick and tired of being sick," I told my staff recently.

"Don't give me the same old cures. Go to the ENDS of the earth if you have to, but find the BEST cures, the PROVEN cures, the FASTEST cures for every condition—even the so-called 'impossible' conditions. I know they're out there. And most Americans will never see them... and as a result, they might suffer needlessly from a curable condition!"

A few months later, I had a well-documented manuscript on my desk. After just a few minutes, my jaw practically dropped to the floor. "Is this really possible?" I asked myself as I turned each page. But the medical proof was right there—from the top MDs and medical facilities on the planet.

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  • Brain cells that were given up for dead for 6 years after a stroke, "woke up" when researchers used this therapy.

  • Serious cancer patients COMPLETELY halted the progression and spread of the disease—thanks to a wheat-germ treatment.

  • Painful joints that were useless suddenly became pain free and flexible with a powerful supplement that's finally available to the public. One disabled patient shed tears of joy and told her doctor, "Look what I can do!"

  • Patients on the verge of complete heart failure suddenly experienced complete reversals thanks to a simple solution.

  • Senior citizens, told they would inevitably go blind, experienced stunning reversals and now have 20/40 vision.

  • People who have ZERO time to work out can now cram 2 HOURS of exercise into just 14 minutes—and get the same health benefits.

Maybe 10 or 20 years from now, these healing secrets will become commonplace. But YOU can't wait that long. You can't wait for the slow-moving machine of mainstream medicine to recognize the sheer genius of these extreme breakthroughs.

You need to browse though this Special Report to "sample" some of these healing breakthroughs right now. Then you need to click here today to claim your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING. There's ZERO obligation to buy a thing—ever. Once your FREE-Preview copy arrives, you'll have...

1,749 chances to become a healing HERO
for yourself or someone you love

That's a conservative estimate of the number of cures you'll find in your FREE-Preview copy of EXTREME HEALING. You need these cures now. Someone you love needs them NOW. That friend who's desperately ill needs YOU to find the breakthrough that will make a difference in his or her life.

So I want to make it as EASY as I possibly can.

Look, I know that times are tough these days. I know that you're worried about making ends meet. So I want you to consider THREE important points:

Point #1: Medical costs are spiraling OUT of control these days. Insurance companies are bending the rules left and right to make YOU pay more money. That's why EXTREME HEALING features hundreds of breakthroughs that cost next to nothing—or are completely FREE.

When a single ailment could wipe you out, you need to know about the proven healing options that work better for a teeny, tiny fraction of the cost.

Click Here to Order Now Point #2: I want to assure you that you are FREE to use EXTREME HEALING for a whole month before deciding if it's right for you. You can try the cures, share them with friends, then send it back and pay NOTHING. You get to see—and feel—actual healing results without risking a penny.

Point #3: You get 7 FREE Bonus Guides just for looking. I call it our "Lucky 7 Healing Library" and it delivers over a hundred FREE cures in 7 valuable volumes. The complete library is yours to keep—just click here now.

Fair enough? Good. So I urge you one more time to END your suffering now and FIND the real breakthrough you need. I believe you'll find it in the pages of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING. But don't take my word for it!

Reply today. I'll gladly take ALL the risk. YOU get all the answers. I hope to hear from you soon.

Martin Edelston
Martin Edelston, Publisher

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P.P.S. PLEASE KEEP READING to experience extreme healing at its very best...

Extremely EASY healing for your heart...

Stop killing yourself with good intentions.
Trash your treadmill. Avoid all that sweaty
exercise, act like Fred and Ginger and...

Dance Away Deadly Heart Disease!

SHOCKING, BUT TRUE! A study at the world-renowned Lancisi Heart Institute confirms it. Dancing works better than exercise for your heart. Gym managers and exercise equipment manufacturers are heartbroken that you'll never need them again. Gee... too bad!

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Ancona, Italy: Good Lord, exercise is hard! Sweat. Aches. Pains. Expensive clubs. Annoying trainers. Now there's an extremely easy alternative that's better for your heart.

Researchers at the Lancisi Heart Institute examined the impact of waltzing, cycling and treadmill workouts on people with chronic heart problems.

Dancing beats exercise hands down!

Results? The critical oxygen uptake of the dancers beat both the cyclists and the treadmill folks. Oxygen uptake is the amount of oxygen reaching your tissues and it's a HUGE marker for heart health. The dancers were also able to exercise longer than all the exercisers without fatigue. Even more amazing, the dancers showed off-the-charts results for quality of life, emotions and mood.

Don't know how to waltz? No problem! On page 8 in your FREE-Preview edition of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING, you'll find out how to get the benefits of waltzing—without the waltzing. That's not healing... that's EXTREME healing made easier than ever.

  • NEW blood test identifies real heart attack and stroke risk! It's NOT cholesterol, NOT homocysteine, NOT C-reactive protein (CRP). It's a new test that doctors believe is one of the absolute BEST "early warning" screens for heart attack and stroke—even if your cholesterol is completely under control! See details on page 3 and be sure to demand this test at your next checkup. Click Here to Order Now

  • Short, easy exercise is better for your heart! The health benefits, like lower blood pressure, lasted more than 50 percent longer when you exercised just a few easy minutes at a time. Why sweat? Get better results with less effort. See page 16.

  • Do you have a rash in your heart? Shocking new psoriasis/heart disease link! A disturbing study at the Mayo Clinic recently revealed that people with chronic psoriasis were 42 percent more likely to have a heart attack. The good news: Scientists have also identified 4 healing food groups that can help erase the underlying condition that boosts your risk! See details on page 6.

  • Statins are more dangerous than heart disease, says top doctor. Here's why you may NOT need them! Unless you have very serious heart disease, the risk for dangerous side effects from statins is greater than your heart disease risk. Doctors are overprescribing these drugs like crazy! Don't be a victim... be smart. Show your doctor page 10 to help determine if you really need them.

  • Breakthrough nutrient "relaxes" blood vessels; lowers blood pressure automatically. Just 300 mg a day drops top number an average of 12 points and bottom number an average of 8 points with no other lifestyle changes. Before you even consider drugs, see page 13.

  • What never to do when treating GERD... and why most people do it anyway! If you've got a problem with gastric reflux, you've probably taken antacids or acid-suppressing medications before. Turns out, that's a bad idea... a very bad idea. You need stomach acid to digest your food. If you suppress it in any way, you leave your stomach virtually defenseless against microbial infections. See details on page 51, and Dr. Andrew L. Rubman will tell you all about much safer solutions to your GERD issues!

  • Diarrhea? Food poisoning? Don't make these extremely dumb (and common) mistakes. When confronted with vomiting, diarrhea and pain, most people reach for popular over-the-counter (OTC) medications to soothe their stomachs and stop the diarrhea. BIG mistake. If you choose the wrong medicines, you'll actually help the bacteria and toxins spread through your whole body. Dr. Sonja Pettersen tells you exactly what to do for a quick recovery, on page 55.

Extremely FAST healing for your heart...

12-Minute Heart-Healing Miracle...

Patients facing heart failure experience sudden, shocking turnarounds...

UCLA MEDICAL CENTER, LOS ANGELES, CA: A recent study identified a simple, drug-free therapy that triggered stunning improvements in cardiac function (artery pressure, stress, anxiety and more) for patients with severe heart problems. Best of all, you can easily do this at home! See page 9 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING.

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Why are TOP MDs all across America lining up to receive their hot-off-the-press copies of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING?

Because it brings them late-breaking, near-miraculous new research and breakthroughs they can use for themselves and their patients! Send for your FREE-Preview copy and 7 FREE Guides today! You're never obligated to buy a thing.

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Extremely POTENT cancer fighter...

Stop Cancer Dead in Its Tracks with Wheat Germ?

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"There's absolutely NO reason that this breakthrough shouldn't be used with every single cancer patient," says one top doctor. Now, 18 peer-reviewed studies confirm this wisdom.

In one study, at UCLA, scientists observed that this new discovery (a fermented extract of wheat germ), helps stop cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body. It also boosts immune system function—allowing it to seek out and destroy cancer cells in every corner of your body. In another 9-month pilot study, seriously ill cancer patients who took this nutrient had zero disease progression... ZERO.

For complete details, including brand names and numbers for ordering, see page 23 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING. To claim your FREE-Preview copy and 7 FREE Bonus Gifts, just click here now.

Extremely SHOCKING discovery for cause of gas, bloating, joint pain, muscle aches, asthma and skin rashes...

Top MD: Chronic Aches Often Caused by Chunks of Food Floating in Your Blood... Yuck!

Yes, that's a hunk of roast beef floating by... in your blood. This happens far more often than you might think, then all hell breaks loose...

Trent Nichols, MD, recently demonstrated how small particles of undigested food travel through the intestinal wall, directly into the bloodstream. In fact, this common problem may be the root cause for dozens of conditions—including gas, bloating, joint pain, muscle aches, severe asthma attacks and skin rashes.

The moment that food particle hits your bloodstream, the alarm bells start clanging and your immune system launches an all-out assault on the invader. As a result, you can experience dozens of symptoms for as long as 72 hours after your meal. This could be the root cause of your daily aches and pains. The good news?

The solution couldn't be simpler!

It takes less than 20 seconds, requires no drugs or supplements, and it virtually guarantees your food stays out of your blood and in your intestine where it belongs.

See details on page 47 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING. To claim your FREE-Preview copy, plus 7 FREE Bonus Gifts, just click here now. ZERO obligation to buy a thing—ever!

Extremely EFFECTIVE for arthritis and joint pain...

Crippled Joints Suddenly Become
Pain Free and Flexible...

Top doctor reports "incredible results" with her patients. One patient walked in and said, "You have to see what I can do!" For the first time in 6 months, she could bend her swollen fingers.

Irvine, CA: For centuries, people have flocked to sulfur-rich hot springs to heal muscle aches and pains. It turns out that this was a brilliant idea, according to Jacqueline Jacques, ND. Test subjects who were given a special sulfur extract in supplement form have reported "incredible results."

"Useless" joints quickly become useful again.

In one landmark study published in the journal Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, virtually every patient who took this supplement twice a day reported greater freedom of movement, less pain and NO side effects. Even medical skeptics are calling these turnarounds miraculous. Best of all, the exact same supplement used in the studies is...

Now available to the public without a prescription...

On page 77 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING, you'll find everything you need to know to start healing and repairing your joints immediately. There's no need to suffer anymore and certainly no need to take prescription or OTC drugs!

Extremely EFFECTIVE for boosting brainpower...

New vitamin discovery triggers SHOCKING improvement in memory and mental sharpness.

Proven SO effective...
Your Brain "Grows" 5 Years Younger...

"Brain-rejuvenating" vitamin now available anywhere.
No prescription needed.

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Age-related mental "decline" is NOT inevitable. You can reverse it. And you can boost your brain and memory power as you grow older. A recent, 3-year study may have unlocked the key to remaining sharp as a tack for life.

It's a common vitamin that's been available for years—but we're only now discovering the enormous benefits of taking this vitamin regularly.

Memory test scores skyrocketed...
brains "grew" 5 years younger!

Test subjects who took this vitamin regularly scored as well as people who were 5 years younger. And similar results were achieved when they were given tests for cognitive speed. Brain "fog," memory problems and declining sharpness are NOT inevitable. On page 104 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING, you'll read all about this research, and discover exactly what dosage was used in the research studies. You'll also discover...

  • New link between obesity and Alzheimer's uncovered. The study conducted at the Farber Institute for Neurosciences found that people who are overweight also have high blood levels of beta-amyloid—which is directly connected to the plaque that gunks up nerve cells and helps trigger Alzheimer's. Is there anything you can do about it? Yes. In just 15 minutes you can help reduce your risk for Alzheimer's by a whopping 32 percent. See instructions on page 117.

  • Brain "exercises" that give you a mind like a steel trap at any age. All you need is a few minutes... and a friend. Page 114

  • Eat Italian... avoid Alzheimer's. Helps lower your risk up to 40 percent! See page 108.

  • Is Alzheimer's really diabetes of the brain? Remarkable new research holds the key to preventing Alzheimer's for LIFE. Page 116

Extreme BREAKTHROUGH for macular degeneration...

AMD? They said there was really nothing you could do about it.
Well, they were wrong again...

"Irreversible" Vision Loss? Baloney.

New treatment halts blindness, reverses damage,
restores super-sharp 20/40 vision...

GROSSE POINTE PARK, MI: 1.75 million Americans suffer from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) every year. And until recently, the prognosis was always the same: An inevitable decline in vision resulting in blindness. That's not true anymore. Just recently, the FDA approved a new treatment that not only halted the damage from AMD for virtually all the test participants—but many of them demonstrated a shocking improvement in vision to 20/40!

This is SO new and SO big, the word hasn't gotten out to everybody yet. If you have AMD, you need to know about this now. See page 127 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING for complete, vision-saving details. Click here now.

Extreme BREAKTHROUGH for erasing belly fat!

NEW RESEARCH: You CAN Target Unwanted Belly Fat!

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Test subjects...

  • Lost 19 to 23 pounds FAST.
  • Lost 4 inches off their waistlines.
  • Lost 3 to 4 inches off their hips.
  • Lost unwanted fat deep in the abdominal area.

Fat is fat, right? Apparently NOT. A new study has identified the exact exercises that target your belly fat. And you don't have to "kill yourself" to see results... all it takes is 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

Since we know that excess abdominal fat puts you at a MUCH greater risk for heart disease and diabetes, these exercises help target this unhealthy fat like a laser beam—something that was once thought impossible. Now we know better.

For complete details, see page 280 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING. In the same section, you'll also discover...

  • Study: Even a little extra fat triggers a BIG increase in mortality risk. Scientists used to think that you needed to be obese to raise your mortality risk. Now we know that even a few extra pounds can boost your mortality risk. One more reason to follow the advice ABOVE! Page 282

  • Can your desk job kill you? If you're tied to a desk all day, or you're stuck in your car for hours at a time, you could be at serious risk for deep-vein thrombosis (DVT). This dangerous condition can strike without warning by sending a deadly blood clot to your lungs. The solution? A few simple exercises explained in detail on page 282. These easy exercises help get your blood flowing and could save your life!

  • Is gastric bypass surgery really safe? Yes, people DO lose a lot of weight and lower their risk for high blood pressure and diabetes. BUT did your surgeon tell you that a whopping 1-in-5 patients needs to go back on the operating table to fix complications from surgery? What they may NOT tell you is on page 304.

  • Can sit-ups heal a skinned knee? Surprising new discovery helps you heal faster than you thought was possible! Details, page 306.

  • Can high-carb pasta cause cataracts? Research says yes. But that does NOT mean you have to give up all carbs! Bad news... good news, page 129.

Extremely DECEPTIVE advertising...

Do you spend extra for organic foods?
That's a very smart thing, right? Well, maybe NOT...

Did You Know that Organic Foods Can Legally
Be Drenched with Artificial Toxins?

BIG business has moved in again, dear friend. Now that the major food manufacturers have seen the profits to be made in organic foods, they've been lobbying to lower the standards. For instance...

Do you think a product that contains 30 percent chemicals should be labeled "organic"? The government does! Furthermore, these chemicals do NOT need to be listed on the label. Organic foods cost a small fortune—but it's a price many are willing to pay to avoid eating chemicals.

Yet they're still getting the chemicals. Is there any way around this? Actually there is. On page 175 in Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING, you'll discover a few simple tricks that help guarantee you get the chemical-free, preservative-free foods you want—at a price you can really afford.

Extremely POWERFUL cholesterol cure...

"My Cardiologist Prescribed Pomegranate
for My Cholesterol!

"And now my numbers are FANTASTIC!"

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Someday soon, this could happen to you! Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have found that pomegranates slow the oxidation and accumulation of cholesterol in your arteries by half. Plus, it may also help lower blood pressure.

Additional research has shown that pomegranates help trigger a process called apoptosis—where cancer cells literally die on contact—leaving healthy cells untouched. The key to getting the benefits of pomegranate is to take the exact forms used in the clinical studies. You'll find complete details on page 181 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING.

HUNDREDS OF CANCER BREAKTHROUGHS included in this blockbuster volume!

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Try This Trick to Double
the Nutrient Content of Your WATERMELON!

Just leave it OUT of the refrigerator for 7 to 10 days if fresh picked, or a few days if store bought. Result? Double the beta-carotene levels. And up to 40 percent more lycopene in every delicious bite. Plus, a mother lode of B vitamins, magnesium and potassium. How do you know when a melon is at its peak and ready to eat? Just use the 2-second test explained on page 184!


Extreme foods to live healthier? New research reveals that you need the nutrients in these "unhealthy" foods to survive!

Butter, Eggs and Coffee:
The Healthiest Foods On Earth?

From Dr. Jonny Bowden: Sick and tired of being scolded every time you reach for the butter, order an omelet, or down your second cup of coffee?

Does it seem like everything you crave will kill you these days? Well, you're not alone, and it's gotten way out of control. It's a medical fact that "bad" foods like eggs, butter and coffee contain life-giving nutrients your body needs every day.

Butter is "... a rich source of vitamin A, needed both for maintaining good vision and the optimal functioning of the immune system..." says Dr. Bowden.

Plus, it's bursting with a potent anticancer chemical called CLA—or conjugated linolenic acid.

Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse full of amino acids, vitamins and proteins that are magic for your eyes, brain and heart.

And coffee feeds your brain and helps block diabetes and Parkinson's.

How much of these healing superfoods is really healthy? (And how much is too much?)

Everything you need to know is on page 188 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING. In the same section, look what else you'll discover...

  • The astounding oregano antidote! It has 42 times more antioxidant activity than apples and 12 times more than oranges! Plus, it contains a powerful, cancer-fighting compound called rosmarinic acid. How much do you need to make a difference in your health? See page 192!

  • Block heart attacks with beer. Reduces your risk a whopping 32 percent—according to a recent study. Page 209

  • "As close to a magical substance as you're likely to find in the kitchen cupboard," says Dr. Bowden. This ancient Indian spice is a miracle for fighting arthritis inflammation and pain. And it's been shown to block cancerous tumors as well. Page 192

  • STOP! Don't add milk to your tea! It cancels out the health benefits! Apparently, a protein found in milk neutralizes the healthy flavonoids in your cup of tea. Full story, page 195—plus, check out if milk does the same thing to your cup of coffee!


Eat This and Cut Your Cancer Risk 88 Percent?

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Italian and Swiss researchers have identified a single, delicious vegetable that can virtually help cancer-proof your body. Less than a single, small serving each day helps block many forms of cancer—including colorectal cancer. It's in your kitchen right now. See page 203 for details.


Ancient Viking Miracle Beats Fatigue...
Turbocharges EVERY DAY!

"Forgotten" Viking herb boosts energy, fights fatigue and lifts depression naturally. Top doctor calls it "the best... I've ever seen or used." Here's how it works...

From Decker Weiss, NMD, an expert in integrative medicine and the first doctor to be recognized with the title Naturopathic Cardiologist:

The stress hormone cortisol has been associated with feeling both wired and tired. That's why balancing this hormone is essential to staying energized without power failures and afternoon "crashes."

And the best way to do that may be with a stunningly effective herb that's been used since the time of the Vikings. It's called rhodiola rosea and it's now been confirmed by recent scientific research.

Test subjects jump off couches—report
big boost in energy levels and mood...

According to the journal of the American Botanical Council, this potent herb lessens the release of stress hormones and boosts endorphin (feel-good hormone) levels.

Dr. Weiss also reports it's a perfect solution for jet lag. On page 220 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING, you'll find complete details, plus the brand name the doctor recommends most.

You'll also discover...

  • Vitamin C and colds: Does it really help? Yes! Says one top doctor... BUT you need to take a much higher dose (named on page 218) to really make a difference.

  • Is vitamin D the answer to breast cancer? In a study conducted in the UK, researchers discovered that women with higher levels of vitamin D had a lower risk for breast cancer. For those who had already been diagnosed with breast cancer, the women with higher vitamin D levels had much less serious cases. What this means for YOU, page 217.

  • Beat a fever with peppermint. It also helps kill bacteria that can make you sicker. What the doctor does... page 220.

  • 200-million-year-old tree leaves now being "prescribed" by doctors worldwide. They boost circulation, prevent dangerous blood clotting, fight retinopathy and glaucoma, beat PMS and much more. No wonder this remedy is exploding in popularity in Europe, and will soon do the same here! See page 224.

Extreme HIT JOB on blockbuster joint pain cure...

STUDY: Glucosamine and Chondroitin
NOT Effective for Joint Pain!

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The results stunned experts who expected better outcomes. A landmark study of the hugely popular supplements for joint pain slammed the door on this natural remedy. There was just one problem:

They LIED.

They "forgot" to report that nearly 8 out of 10 test subjects with severe knee pain reported relief. That's better than the prescription drug group and better than the placebo group by far! They cleverly reported only on the group that had virtually NO pain at all, where the researchers admitted that pain levels were almost impossible to measure. Was this a cover-up? See page 226 and decide for yourself! You'll also discover exactly what dosage you need to get maximum pain relief from your joint pain—without drugs, thank you!

NEW hope for multiple sclerosis patients... vitamin B-3!

Harvard Medical School: Research into a special form of vitamin B-3 has revealed that it can help block and reverse the progression of the disease. The first studies were on mice. But recent studies in vitro have confirmed the results!

This blows the door wide open for a new kind of treatment that was once thought "impossible"!

Everything you need to know is on page 231!

Extremely SIMPLE SOLUTION for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, immunity and more...

The "Maitake Miracle" that Magnifies Immunity
and Defeats Chronic Disease...

An extract of maitake mushrooms has recently been recognized as a super-powerful immunity booster. It's so effective that some cancer patients are now using it to boost their immunity during chemotherapy. It can do same for YOU, too.

Furthermore, maitake has also been shown to improve cardiovascular parameters such as blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. And it helps your body seek out and destroy cancer cells naturally. The key to making this work is using a potent extract of the mushrooms in one of the forms identified page 229 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING.

Send for your copy today—while the supply lasts! Click here now!

Extremely SURPRISING research...

Sunlight Causes Cancer?
Whoops... Sunlight Fights Cancer!

We've become SO paranoid about the sun and skin cancer, we may be doing more harm than good—according to top scientists.

Albuquerque, NM: Researchers have discovered that cancer survival rates are higher for patients who were exposed to more Click Here to Order Now sun. Reason? Sunlight exposure boosts your levels of vitamin D—which helps boost your supply of cancer-fighting T-cells.

So how much sun do you really need? How much is TOO much? And can you get sufficient vitamin D from food and vitamins? You'll find ALL the answers you need on page 142 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING. To request your copy, plus 7 FREE Bonus Guides, just click here now!

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Extremely EASY cholesterol blocker...

10-Second Fried Chicken Cholesterol Blocker...

GO AHEAD, grab that fried chicken!

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Almost NONE of that nasty cholesterol will get absorbed or "spackled" on your artery walls. Why? Because you took 10 seconds before your meal to protect yourself! NO drugs. NO doctors. And ZERO side effects.

You can do it at every meal... with every bite of fatty foods. Almost NO Americans do this... but all of us should, according to our expert doctor. See instructions on page 149 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING. The secret involves taking a cholesterol-trapping supplement before you eat. This proven supplement makes cholesterol virtually unusable for your body. This is NOT hype. It's now a medical fact: The cholesterol gets carried away harmlessly.

Extremely EFFECTIVE for women only...

NEW Mammogram Technology Makes OLD Methods Obsolete...

Detects Earliest Cancers for
EASIER Treatment and Cure...

Only 10% of medical centers use this new technology. Even if you have to drive an hour longer, THIS is the test you want!

Click Here to Order Now

Why? Because the resolution is SO high it can detect teeny, tiny cancers that other machines miss. This gives you a critical jump on any small problems—long before they become BIG problems.

That extra-early warning can make all the difference in your treatment and well-being. On page 343 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's EXTREME HEALING, you get complete details on this technology. You'll discover how to find a local center that provides this high-tech service. Plus, how to get your insurance company to pay the extra cost. That's extremely smart.

  • Beat PMS with a glass of milk? A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine revealed that the more milk a woman drinks, the less likely she is to have PMS symptoms. Researchers believe that vitamin D, calcium and magnesium are the primary nutrients at work. How much milk do you need? Less than you might think. Page 350

  • Hot flashes—a symptom of hidden high blood pressure? If you experience hot flashes, it's a good idea to have your blood pressure checked regularly. Recent studies have shown that women who experience hot flashes often have significantly higher BP readings. See page 353 for details.

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