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BLAST AWAY High Cholesterol—
Lose 67 points in just 28 days!

  • NO drugs...
  • NO side effects...
  • NO guesswork...
  • Complete step-by-step instructions...

Conventional medicine? Natural healing? Who cares! Here are the world's best cures for your condition... period.

The big drug companies don't want you to know about the alternative cures that can make their drugs obsolete. The alternative medicine believers think drugs and surgery are bad ideas. Guess what? They're BOTH dead wrong. Finally, a maverick M.D. has dared to identify the world's best cures from BOTH sides of the medical aisle. These are the REAL, forbidden cures you want...

  • Breakthrough Osteoporosis Drug Clinically Proven To Stimulate Growth of NEW Bone! Loss of bone is not only halted, but actually reversed as patients see a measurable increase in bone mass.
  • Arthritis CURED In 2 Weeks. New cold laser breakthrough erases pain, heals joints and restores full mobility. Not just another pain reliever. A real medical miracle.
  • Defeat Diabetes With Vinegar. Clinical testing shows it can drop blood sugar levels as much as 30 percent.
  • Macular Degeneration Reversed Naturally... EYESIGHT RESTORED! New herbal remedies save man's eyesight after he had lost all hope. Amazing, true story.
  • Top 12 Remedies For HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Includes a drug-free miracle that drops your top number 30mm and your bottom number 20mm without drugs.
  • Top 6 DIABETES Discoveries: New cures and breakthrough discoveries that END your dependence on drugs and insulin.
  • Top 12 Treatments For CHRONIC PAIN: Blessed relief at last.
  • PLUS, DOZENS more. ALL in this Special Report...

"A healing encyclopedia so effective,
I was warned NOT to publish it!

"Well, that got me so darn mad, I published it anyway! And I want to send it to you for FREE!"

By Martin Edelston,

The following is an actual quote, dear friend, one of many similar comments from my trusted marketing experts and legal advisers who told me—in private—about Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING...

"Marty, mark my words, this book steps on a LOT of big toes—namely, the BIG drug companies, the BIG vitamin manufacturers, and the true believers from both conventional and alternative medicine.

"They're going to do their level best to BAN, censor and ridicule this book at every opportunity..."

Phew! These are very smart people telling me NOT to publish Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING. So, naturally, I decided to publish it as soon as possible!

Why? Because I agree with them. I truly believe that Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING is the most important medical reference ever published.

"Marty, You've GOT To Be Kidding!"

No... I'm totally serious. Look, if you want a big book filled with thousands of cures, you can go to the bookstore or the Internet and buy a bushel full of medical books tomorrow.

Then what?

You read all about these fancy cures and think, "Will these work for me? Are they more or less effective than what I'm doing now?"

And, of course, the BIG question: "Are they safe?"

Who knows? Well, I don't know about you, but that's way too much uncertainty when it comes to my health.

About The Author
Larry Altshuler, M.D.

For over 25 years, Dr. Larry Altshuler has been combining both conventional and alternative medicine to achieve almost unbelievable healing for both his patients and readers.

He's board certified in internal medicine and also has extensive training in herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, Qigong, hypnosis and mind-body medicine.

So when I met and spoke with Dr. Larry Altshuler, it was like a lightbulb was suddenly turned on inside my head. His simple, no-nonsense approach to healing has the potential to revolutionize health care in America today.

"I'm not married to either conventional or alternative medicine," Dr. Altshuler told me. "All I care about is results."

Forbidden Cures...

"So I decided to seek out and identify the hands-down best cures from both natural and conventional healing. Then I went one step further and ranked those cures in order of their healing power and side effects.

"In some cases, the natural cures were far more effective than drugs or surgery. And in others, it was clear that conventional medicine was the right way to go. BOTH sides of the medical aisle were unhappy because it was a totally honest approach to finding the best cures, period.

"And many of these cures are considered ‘forbidden' by one side or the other. But they work like crazy, and THAT is all that mattered to me.

"Say you've got high cholesterol," Dr. Altshuler continued. "You simply turn to the section on high cholesterol in Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING and you'll find a step-by-step list of all the TOP cures available today."

Step-By-Step To Glowing Good Health...

"In many cases, I'll explain how to combine both natural and alternative solutions for better, safer healing. This natural progression through the available cures all but guarantees a patient will find a cure that works—with the least amount of side effects."

No Guesswork, Just Powerful Healing

What I love most about Dr. Altshuler's approach to healing is that there is virtually ZERO guesswork. You simply look up your ailment, and follow the step-by-step instructions to identify which cure is BEST for you.

NOT the best conventional cure. NOT the best alternative cure. You get the BEST cure... period.

Doesn't that make absolute good sense? Of course, it does! But look, I don't expect or even hope that you will take my word for it. So I've decided to do something else that's a little crazy.

I'd like to send you a FREE-Preview copy of BALANCED HEALING for a whole month with NO strings attached. Furthermore, you'll also receive five of the most valuable FREE guides we have ever published.

No fine print. No funny stuff. Just an old-fashioned, "kick-the-tires-and-take-her-for-a-test-drive" invitation. You can read all about this FREE invitation further on.

Before you do that, however, I invite you to read through the following information for a glimpse at just a few of the amazing cures you'll find in your FREE-Preview copy of BALANCED HEALING.

At the same time, you'll also meet some of Dr. Altshuler's actual patients and see just how effective his cures can be... and what they can do for you.

So go ahead, take five minutes to read on. You'll be very glad you did!

Yours truly,

Martin Edelston

Clobber Your Cholesterol 67 Points
In 28 Days Without Prescription Drugs...

First, try the natural approach. And if that doesn't work, here are the best prescription drugs—with the least amount of side effects.

In the "War of the Cures" the natural healing believers insist that only Mother Nature has the best cure for your high cholesterol. Well, that's NOT quite true!

And the medical "establishment" insists only they have the real solutions—like expensive prescription drugs. That's NOT true, either.

Here's the real deal when it comes to lowering your cholesterol. If your count is north of 250, there's a good chance your doctor is going to reach for his or her prescription pad. And I happen to think that's a bad idea.

In my practice, I always try less drastic, natural cures first. And if those aren't effective... THEN it's time to look at prescription drugs.

Here are just a few of the natural cures I "prescribe" for my patients with elevated cholesterol levels.

  • Lower Your Cholesterol 67 Points In Only 28 Days With Gugulipid®. This medically proven cholesterol fighter can lower your cholesterol count up to 27 percent in only 4 weeks. If your cholesterol is about 250, that's a whopping 67-point drop. Furthermore, it can lower your triglyceride count as much as 30 percent! I sincerely believe that if Gugulipid were a drug, it would be the No. 1 cholesterol "drug" in America today!

    On page 170 in Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING, I'll tell you exactly what dosage you need to get maximum benefits. And for even more dramatic results, I'll explain how to combine Gugulipid with two additional nutrients you can find in most health food stores. If you were my patient, THIS would be one of our first attack strategies for lowering your cholesterol!
  • The Remarkable Secret of Cilantro Chelation. On page 169 in Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING, you'll find a simple cilantro recipe that's powerful medicine for lowering even the most stubborn cholesterol counts. This simple recipe is often ALL you need to control your cholesterol!
  • The Herbal "Cocktail" That Slashes Cholesterol 75 Points Naturally! These fabulous five nutrients are clinically proven to lower cholesterol as much as 75 points if your count is around 250. No drugs. No prescriptions. Just remarkable results. Page 170

But Suppose These "Natural" Cures Don't Work?
No Problem! Then It's Time To Talk Prescription Drugs!

It's a simple fact: Not everyone can lower their cholesterol using only natural methods. So once we've exhausted all our drug-free cures, it's time to explore your prescription drug options!

That usually means taking statin drugs like Zocor® or Lipitor®. But I don't want you to rely on them alone. On page 171 in Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING, I'll explain how you can combine your prescription drugs with natural supplements to get better results.

Just Beware Of The Almost Invisible Side Effects!

I'll also give you a heads-up on the subtle, almost invisible side effects you might experience with statin drugs—and what they mean. That way, you can spot trouble (and call your doctor) before it gets serious.

Beyond Statin Drugs...
NEW Choices Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About!

In the same section (page 171), you'll also discover more cholesterol-lowering solutions that often work wonders when all else fails. You get everything you need to know—including name brands!

Look, dear reader, there's just NO good reason to put your health in jeopardy with an elevated cholesterol count. And there's NO reason to go straight to prescription drugs, either.

I urge you to send for your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING today. It's the first and ONLY healing encyclopedia that reveals ALL your options from both sides of the medical aisle. That's a very smart, balanced approach to healing!

"You Don't Need Drugs
To Shrink Your Enlarged Prostate!"

This new European antidote works better than drugs... and even better than saw palmetto.

If you've got an enlarged prostate, it's a good bet that your doctor has recommended prescription drugs. And that's OK. But wouldn't you rather try a safer, more natural approach that's proven effective?

Saw palmetto is a medically proven natural cure that's very popular these days. But the fact remains that it does not work for everyone.

That's why I often recommend a remarkable European antidote that is clinically proven to work for 7 out of 10 men who try it.

It's safe. Simple. And it's available here in the United States. Everything you need to know is on page 337 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING. Click here for details on how to claim your copy today.

Defeat Diabetes With Three Teaspoons
of Red Wine Vinegar!

If you've got diabetes, you know it's absolutely essential to control your blood sugar levels—especially after eating. One of my favorite secrets for my patients is to add three teaspoons of red wine vinegar on your salad at every meal.

Research has shown that this simple trick can lower your blood sugar by up to 30 percent after meals by slowing your digestion!

If you're NOT having a salad, simply squeeze some fresh lemon juice in your water to get the same effect!

Excerpted from page 189 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING. To home-test this landmark medical encyclopedia, please click here now. There is ZERO obligation, now or ever.

New Laser Cure For Arthritis: Pain Erased,
Mobility Restored In Only 2 Weeks...

Experts agree this stunning new therapy could end arthritis as we know it. New hope for even the most severe cases. Full mobility restored. Pain eliminated without drugs.

A few years from now, "cold laser" therapy will be commonplace. You could conceivably go to a local mall, meet with a practitioner and have your joints permanently healed.

What exactly is "cold laser"? Unlike most lasers, cold laser does not produce heat like the hot lasers used in most surgical procedures. When a cold laser is applied to a painful joint, it helps heal the injured tissues, reduce the inflammatory response, and then gives long-lasting pain relief.

After a few treatments over a span of two to three weeks, the results are usually quite remarkable—and completely drug-free. Cold laser therapy, in my opinion, is the kind of medical breakthrough that comes along only once or twice in a generation.

On page 321 in your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING, you'll find complete details on this remarkable new therapy.

In the same section, you'll also discover how to combine cold laser therapy with a second breakthrough procedure that boosts the circulation of essential blood and lymph to the affected joints, and then helps lubricate them from the inside out. As a result, the pain, stiffness and swelling are drastically reduced, and even eliminated.

The final result is a near-perfect healing experience for most patients—without drugs.

Police Officer Plagued By Arthritis Pain For Decades—
Now Completely Pain-Free...

As a young man, Paul, a police officer, played football and sustained numerous injuries to his knees. They cracked and popped all the time. And he was in almost constant pain.

Now 57 years old, he had tried various anti-inflammatory drugs and endured several surgeries. Yet he was still in pain. Every time he tried to exercise, the pain and swelling just got worse—so he came to me.

I immediately started Paul on cold laser treatments. After only three treatments, his swelling was completely gone. After a few more, nearly all of his pain was gone, too—and he was able to resume almost all the athletic activities he had stopped—like golf, tennis, and even skiing! Finally, to eliminate the last remnants of knee pain, I "prescribed" one more treatment (see page 322). The result? Paul was able to experience something he hadn't experienced in decades: Pain-free knees!

The "Magnificent 7" Supplements That
Defeat High Blood Pressure Naturally...

Before you take any drug, I always recommend that you try a nondrug approach first. And over the years, I have identified seven remarkable supplements that work like no drugs can—without side effects. That's why I call them the "Magnificent 7!"

If you've been diagnosed with hypertension by your doctor, I want you to take a good, hard look at these remarkable nutrients—they are medically proven to deflate high blood pressure safely.

And, of course, if you're taking blood pressure drugs now, you must never stop taking them unless your doctor tells you to. I recommend you bring the list (on page 247 in Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING) to your next checkup and discuss these nutrients in detail. Here's a quick look at some of them right now.

  1. Calcium and magnesium. These two supplements have a long and undisputable track record for lowering high blood pressure safely. In BALANCED HEALING, I'll tell you exactly what dosages you need, and how to take them for best results.
  2. Lycopene. This remarkable nutrient, found in tomatoes and tomato products, has been shown in one study to reduce blood pressure up to 9mm without side effects. In BALANCED HEALING, I'll tell you the exact brand name (and dosage) they used in the study.
  3. Flaxseed oil. Or, if you prefer, fish oil. These "fatty" nutrients are absolutely essential for lowering your blood pressure naturally. Just be sure you get the minimum dosages I give you on page 247.
  4. The amazing herbal powerhouse for fighting high blood pressure. It's been reported to lower blood pressure up to 30mm systolic and up to 20mm diastolic. I want you to take it every day!
  5. The enzymatic antidote for hypertension. The next nutrient on our list actually helps re-energize your whole cardiovascular system naturally. As a result, blood pressure drops and your heart grows stronger.
  6. The profoundly powerful plant extract that supercharges your heart so it pumps far more efficiently.
  7. The fantastic herbal remedy that lowers blood pressure safely and gently.

If you've got borderline high blood pressure right now, these remarkable remedies CAN help you avoid taking drugs for life. If you're currently being treated for high blood pressure, these "Magnificent 7" CAN help reduce or even eliminate your need for drugs completely!

In your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING, you get ALL the facts you need to know. No hype. No hoopla. Just an easy-to-follow, balanced approach that can help save your life!

After 15 Years of Blood Pressure Drugs,
Barbara No Longer Needs Them!

Controlling blood pressure often requires multiple approaches. My patient Barbara, a 52-year-old businesswoman, is a perfect example.

Barbara had been diagnosed with hypertension by her previous doctor, and had been taking prescription drugs for over 15 years. Finally, frustrated with the side effects, she stopped taking them. Naturally, her blood pressure shot up. So I "prescribed" some of the "Magnificent 7" nutrients described above, along with a few additional (and simple) steps explained on page 248. Today, Barbara is completely OFF prescription drugs and her blood pressure is completely normal.

"He's my kind of doctor!"

"In this unique and groundbreaking book, Dr. Larry Altshuler eliminates the guesswork with treatment protocols combining the best that conventional and alternative approaches can offer. This much-needed resource should be on the shelf of every concerned doctor and patient. I highly recommend it."

—Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Chronic Migraines Defeated In 20 Minutes...

By the time Daniel, a 34-year-old marketing executive, came to see me, he had a long history of migraine headaches.

They would occur once or twice every month and would be very severe, often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and lasted for hours or even days. The medications he tried were ineffective—he was still in pain for days at a time.

During one of his attacks, he came to my clinic. He looked terrible, and he could barely tolerate any light or sound. I prescribed a simple therapy (see page 223) that's worked wonders for my patients. Within 20 minutes, Daniel's pain was almost completely gone, and he could return to work!

Almost Unbelievable Stroke Recovery!

Cathy was 70 years old when a sudden stroke left her with severe weakness and pain in her right arm and leg. She had a "claw" hand (meaning it was in a fist and the fingers could not be opened voluntarily). She walked with a limp and needed a cane. She also had memory and concentration problems.

After only three simple treatments (described on page 167), her concentration and memory were restored almost completely. After a few more, she could move her fingers again and walk without a cane. She has continued these treatments once a month and is getting better all the time.

Announcing The World's FIRST Medical Reference That Leads You To...

Glowing Good Health
Easy As 1-2-3!

Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING is the world's first—and most effective—volume of healing wisdom. Here's how it works:

STEP ONE: Find your illness or condition in the handy index. Turn to the page and you'll find a step-by-step list of the hands-down BEST cures for your ailment. They're ALL medically proven to be effective.

STEP TWO: Try the first remedy on the list. It's usually the simplest, safest cure that does not require drugs or surgery. If that doesn't work well enough for you, move to the next remedy for a little extra healing power.

STEP THREE: Relief at last! As you move down the list of cures, you will inevitably identify a medically proven remedy that's just right for you. It doesn't matter whether it comes from Mother Nature or a billion-dollar drug company. It just has to work—with the least amount of side effects.

This remarkable new healing philosophy is the very essence of simplicity. But don't take our word for it. Send for your FREE-Preview copy today. And when it arrives in your mailbox, here's just a small sample of the near-miraculous cures you'll discover...

  • Back Pain? Stubborn back pain often stumps many doctors, and they simply say you'll have to "live with it." What baloney! On page 129 you'll discover my complete, balanced healing plan for your back. It's a powerful combination of alternative and mainstream therapies that help erase the root cause of your pain once and for all.
  • PMS? The real problem is often a hidden vitamin deficiency. On page 334, I'll explain how a few simple vitamin supplements can hold the key to erasing your PMS problems forever.
  • Insomnia? Trouble sleeping? Do you twist and turn at night—longing for the sandman to take over? Suffer no more. On page 264, you'll discover three powerful supplements that summon deep, natural sleep every night. In the morning, you'll awake rested and ready for the day ahead!
  • Hay Fever Driving You Crazy? Before you take drugs (or steroids), please turn to page 103. You'll discover a step-by-step program that helps erase the sneezing and wheezing without prescription drugs. You DO have a choice!
  • Chronic Fatigue? Energize every last cell in your body with these two powerful nutrients. They're safe, medically proven and extremely effective. If you prefer prescription drugs, I'll tell you exactly which drugs work best for your symptoms! See page 173.
  • Arrhythmia? I've found that CoQ10 can be remarkably effective for normalizing heart arrhythmias in my patients. It's also proven effective for congestive heart failure, mitral valve prolapse and even cardiomyopathy. I give you details and dosages on page 233.
  • Got The Flu? On page 175, I'll give you my complete balanced healing program that can cut days off your "sick" period! I'll also explain how a certain prescription drug is remarkably effective for preventing the flu from running wild in your whole family! Why spend a whole season swapping viruses, when you don't have to?
  • Had Heart Surgery Recently? Then you need to know about the four critical nutrients that protect you from a future heart attack. Almost NO cardiologist will tell you this…but I will! Ignore pages 108–109 at your own risk.
  • Out With Gout! Your first choice for fast relief is prescription drugs. On pages 219–220 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING, I'll tell you exactly what you need to know—including brand names.

Sandy Lost 60 Pounds FAST Without Fad Diets...

Bottom Line's balanced approach worked where Zone®, Atkins® and Sugar Busters® failed!

Sandy is a 34-year-old executive administrator who had gained more than 60 pounds during her two pregnancies and was struggling to lose them once and for all.

She had tried most of the fad diets—including the Zone Diet, Atkins and Sugar Busters, as well as several "fat burner" formulas. She did lose weight with almost all of these, but always gained it back, plus a little more! She even tried prescription orlistat, but couldn't take the unpleasant side effects.

Then I recommended a simpler, more balanced approach to weight loss (see page 319), and it really worked. Sandy lost 10 pounds the first two weeks, and then an average of 1 to 2 pounds a week after that. Within a few months, Sandy was back at her pre-pregnancy weight and felt (and looked) great! Two years later, the weight is still off and Sandy is happy as can be!

Chronic Kidney Stone Victim Now Symptom-Free
For Three Straight Years!

The first time Horace, a freelance writer, had a kidney stone, he was on vacation in Hawaii and spent an afternoon in the ER—instead of on the beach.

Fortunately, the stone passed and he could enjoy the rest of his vacation. Over the next four years, however, he had 10 more attacks—and some of the attacks were severe enough to require hospitalization. Then he came to me. I "prescribed" the simple, balanced approach (see page 270) to blocking kidney stones that I use in my practice. For the past three years, Horace has not had a single kidney stone!

The World's First Step-By-Step Guide To

Miraculous Healing!

Complete the Certificate to "home-test" Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING absolutely FREE.

Please do NOT send money. This is a real FREE invitation!

Just a small sample of what you'll discover!

  • Angina: Are Natural Cures Your First And Best Solution For Relief? NO! The No. 1, most important thing you must do to protect your heart is on page 109.
  • Hives? If the OTC medications I name on page 249 don't make them vanish, try the three powerhouse hive erasers I name on page 250. Good-bye hives... hello relief.
  • Anxiety? The ancient Chinese herbal remedies named on page 114 help erase anxiety naturally and give you a calm sense of well-being. You don't need drugs for most anxiety issues! You do have medically proven choices that do NOT involve prescription drugs.
  • Depressed? Before you try prescription antidepressants, I have five fabulous, drug-free therapies I want you to try. One of them is a remarkable nutrient that's medically proven to be just as effective as prescription drugs—with far fewer side effects. Another remedy is an herbal miracle from China (available anywhere in the U.S.) that's especially effective for treating forgetfulness, phobias, anxiety and nervousness. If you'd prefer prescription drugs, I'll give you details and brand names for your top choices. Begin on page 183.
  • Asthma? Magnesium acts as a natural bronchodilator—instead of drugs, and helps provide day-to-day relief. For dosages and details, see page 119.
  • Secret Trigger Found For Attention Deficit Disorder In Children! It's a simple dietary trigger many doctors never consider. What you must know before you commit your child to taking prescription drugs. Page 122
  • Heal Psoriasis With Flaxseed Oil And Vitamins? All the topical creams and drugs in the world can't match the healing power of these essential, skin-saving nutrients. The complete list is on page 339.
  • Neck Pain? Why suffer when you don't have to? My simple, balanced approach brings long-lasting relief and helps correct the real cause of your problem! Page 297
  • Type II Diabetes? For my patients with type II diabetes, I always recommend my handpicked vitamin "cocktail." These vitamins are available everywhere and they can reduce or even eliminate your need for drugs and insulin! Furthermore, these nutrients are profoundly healthy for your whole body even if you don't have diabetes. You ought to take them every day. I give you names, dosages, the works—starting on page 192.
  • Urinary Tract Infections Driving You Nuts? One of your first remedies (before you try antibiotics) should be a Chinese herbal formula called Ba Zheng San. It's proven remarkably effective for my patients and it can do the same for you. See details on page 138.
  • Food Allergies? See page 211 for an enzymatic antidote that can erase your symptoms in as little as 14 days! It's the first line of defense I recommend for my patients.
  • Gall Bladder Problems? The first step to a cure (before you consent to surgery) should always be the therapies I recommend, starting on page 213. We'll begin by cleansing your liver and blood with two herbal formulas that have worked wonders for my patients. Then we'll heal the harm done and erase your pain with some additional supplements. If surgery appears to be your only choice, I'll explain exactly what you need to know... and what your surgeon may NOT tell you!
  • Neuropathy Pain Too Much To Handle? There's a NEW treatment that's proven remarkably effective for relieving pain. It's a simple therapy that increases the local circulation of blood and lymph. It also stimulates the activity of the nervous system to accelerate the healing process. Details, page 309.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome? The first step for relief is to cleanse and detoxify your colon. You get step-by-step instructions on page 266. Once you've done this, we'll begin my complete, IBS healing program explained in the same section.
  • The Popular BRONCHITIS Medicine That Triggers PNEUMONIA? If the coughing is driving you crazy, you must never take the popular OTC medicine named on page 146. It actually helps worsen the problem and can even trigger a full-blown case of pneumonia!
  • Sciatica Pain Unbearable? You can only take pain relievers for so long, and they're NOT 100 percent effective anyway. On page 348, you'll find a complete, balanced approach to pain relief that helps correct the root cause of your problem. Blessed relief, at last!
  • Varicose Veins? The secret to healing and preventing them from spreading is to heal and repair your veins and boost circulation. On page 374, I explain exactly what you must do to keep your legs looking smooth and attractive for life!
  • The Eczema Antidote You've Been Waiting For! There's just NO reason to suffer anymore. If you were my patient, I'd recommend you take digestive enzymes and probiotics. Why? Because they help you digest your food more completely. And undigested food is often a major trigger for eczema. Everything you need to know begins on page 202.
  • Bursitis Pain? The secret to relief is to eliminate the inflammation and bruising. On page 148, you'll discover three essential nutrients that work like no drug can. If these nutrients don't give you the relief you want, I'll tell you about a remarkable, new laser therapy that works for even the most stubborn problems!

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Free Bonus Guide #1:
High-Powered SUPER FOODS That Fight Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes & More!

Even the most skeptical experts now agree: Food IS your best medicine. This FREE report identifies the world's most powerful healing foods and demonstrates how they can help defeat cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more by supercharging your immunity far beyond what Mother Nature intended.

Free Bonus Guide #2:
Banish Back Pain In 15 Minutes!

This all-new FREE report demonstrates how a simple 15-minute, do-at-home therapy helps erase back pain for more than eight out of 10 people who try it! There was no surgery—just blessed relief at last. You get precise directions, illustrations, the works!

Free Bonus Guide #3:
The Complete Patient's Guide To Drug, Food & Herbal Interactions

Do you take several different prescription drugs? Do you often mix your drugs with vitamins and herbal antidotes? Well, beware! These combinations can be dangerous—and even deadly. To help you avoid potential disaster, we've just put the finishing touches on a landmark, FREE report called The Complete Patient's Guide To Drug, Food & Herbal Interactions. Step-by-step, this valuable report steers you through the minefield of mixing medicines with herbs, drugs and foods.

Free Bonus Guide #4:
Finding the RIGHT Statin Drug

If your doctor has prescribed a statin drug for you—or someone you love, there's an important question you need answered: Are you taking the right statin for yourself? There are currently six different statin drugs on the market today. And they all have different therapeutic values and different side effects. This important FREE report helps you discover if you're taking the right statin...or if there's another statin drug that might work better for you with fewer side effects. MUST reading for anyone currently taking or considering these popular medications!

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Miraculous Vision-Savers From Mother Nature

Who says your vision has to decline and grow dimmer with age? Not our editors! This hot-off-the-press FREE report identifies near-miraculous natural remedies that help you keep your vision eagle-sharp for life. You'll discover which nutrients are essential for warding off cataracts, glaucoma and even macular degeneration. These powerful vision-savers actually help heal and repair your eyes at the cellular level.

Click here now for your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line's BALANCED HEALING with NO strings attached. You get these 5 FREE Bonus Guides—yours to keep forever.

The information published here is not intended as a substitute for personal medical advice. Before making any decision regarding your health, please consult a physician or other qualified health-care practitioner.